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Green Dress Model Wall

A Chic Holiday with Our Favorite Style Mavens

The holidays are here—have you figured out your Christmas wardrobe? There are dozens of looks to choose from this season, and here we pick five top trends. Our favorite style mavens have us adding to our Christmas wish list.

Neutral Colored Romper ala Kendall

Model waering Lynx Lace grey

Bohemian Style Lynx Romper

Do it like Kendall and get cozy by the fireplace with a cute grey romper. Its soft fabric will feel like heaven on your skin. A look laidback enough for running errands and stylish enough for an intimate Christmas dinner, this ensemble mixes comfort with a down-to-Earth style. Demure yet sexy, it blends elegance with playfulness. The sleeves allow for movement to groove and sashay to funky beats. Kendall matches her romper with a neckerchief to add a wink-in-your-face, babe vibe. In this outfit, you keep it cool and fresh.

Collage Rompers Girls Rompers Boho


Shades of Red and Brown ala Rihanna

Model wearing Red Dress, White Sneakers and Hat

Bridesmaid Maxi Dress Mohana

Glamour unleashed for the free spirit! Keep your wardrobe elegant with a flowing red dress like Rihanna. Nothing says stylish babe more than this ankle-length red stunner. It works equally well when you’re hanging out at a friend’s house during the holidays as it does when you’ve got family dinners to attend. Be the most attractive head-turner in any room. Why not show up at your family Christmas dinner ready to break the down-home vibe with a code red? You’ll wow everybody, guaranteed.


Model wearing Red Tie Dye Maxi Dress


Printed Minidress ala Kylie

Models wearing mini dress and boots

The Kali Puff Long Sleeve Mini Dress

This ensemble’s print puts a twist on wildlife, glamming it up for Christmas celebrations.  Nothing spells out the holidays like a short green dress inspired by the outdoors. Its length screams chic, city-girl feel. Dress it up with above-the-knee boots for an uber-sexy look. Keep your hair down ala Kylie to wear for evenings out with your significant other. Because nothing says LA lady more than this boho-chic green dress. Get ready to turn heads!

Dress Headband Boots


Flowing Grey Ensemble ala Karlie

Grey Maxi Dress


It’s all about the ease with this flowing grey ensemble and ultra-comfy sneakers. A look that can go from day to evening in a snap, this look speaks of comfort and style. Stay relaxed in its soft silhouette and volume and go shopping for Christmas presents. A perfect look for the holidays, you can wear it virtually anywhere - or at home when you’re celebrating the holidays over Zoom calls. Just accessorize with some jewelry and change to heels. Voila, we’ve got you covered for your most versatile holiday look.


Printed Number ala Blake

Printed Black Dress

The Adhara Long Sleeve Midi Dress


When Blake Lively glams up, we watch and copy! Exude holiday spirit in this low-neck, flowing printed outfits. Perfect for painting the town red, it livens up any event. Elegant yet sexy, this dress makes you look like you’ve just stepped off the runway. Glam it up with a hat and sunglasses, or tone it down with a pair of sneakers. Remember to add a spiffy shoulder bag and be on your merry way.

Printed Dress Blue Window

 green dress model wall succulents