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Stylish home office looks to get you hyped for a busy day

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Ticking off your daily to-do list from your home office can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re used to working in a proper office. To respond to emails and hold virtual meetings in the same place you sleep and binge Netflix can be difficult, as your two worlds blend together into a very complicated mess. Creating an official workspace at home can help you compartmentalize a lot, enabling you to distinguish between work and after work. 

But for those who don’t have enough space for a good home office, you can rely on creating a stylish work wardrobe instead. While it’s tempting to just laze around all day in your sweats, dressing up for work is an instant mood booster for an otherwise dreary day. Like armor for battle, having a great set of stylish work from home outfits can help put you in the right mindset and remind you what you’re supposed to accomplish.

A good WFH wardrobe is twofold: first, it has to look official to remind your colleagues that you are a serious business professional, especially when you’re in meetings. At the same time, it has to be comfortable. You’re at home, after all. In between work tasks and home errands, you have to wear something agreeable enough that you can easily shift from one life to the next.

Here are our suggestions for the perfect work from home wardrobe:

Employ a chic and professional pop of collar for video calls.

A collared shirt has long been a symbol of the workplace, making one look professional and serious on the job. Wearing a proper collar during your video calls makes a statement that you’re ready to do business. This midi dress combines the classic lines of a traditional work blouse with the soft folds of a day dress, making it a perfect mix for your work from home situation. 


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Create a stylish WFH uniform with a twist on a classic.

To get yourself in work mode, it helps to dress like you’re at an actual office even if you’re not. The usual office uniform of a classic white shirt and trousers can be a good standby whenever you’re feeling particularly uninspired on a work from home day. Consider putting a spin on the traditional combo by using a white wrap around top, instead of a dress shirt. Or, wear a breezy and voluminous maxi dress. The look exudes the same amount of professionalism, but with a more relaxed feel --  exactly what you need at home. 


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Slip into a cute and comfy dress for casual workdays.

Looking good and staying comfortable at the same time can go a long way towards brightening your mood. Soft, flowy dresses are always pleasant and cozy to wear, and they have the added perk of making you look like you’ve made an effort. This loose-fitting midi dress easily slips on you like a lovely, printed blanket, with the elastic waist keeping you from looking completely shapeless. 

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Wearing a chic jumpsuit makes you ready for anything.

There are days when you’re not entirely relegated to your workstation – you might need to run errands, too. On a day like that, you might want to dress up in a comfy, yet active look in case you might need to go out at the last minute. This outfit pairs well with footwear that you can easily pull on as you head out the door – slip-ons or sneakers. You won’t have to stress about looking like a slob outdoors, even though you’re wearing what is essentially a fancy onesie. 

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Veda Jumpsuit

Luxe maxi dress for executive lounging.

We all deserve to feel like a queen inside our own homes. Working remotely shouldn’t get in the way of that! A luxe maxi dress like this can make you feel dressed up and presentable for work while also keeping you elegantly wrapped in an easy, relaxing fabric as you lounge in your safe space.  

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Moara Maxi Dress


Feminine crop top + flowy pants = inner boss babe.

While the office used to be a place for wearing tailored blazers or men’s suits, at home you can afford to make your own spin on the usual work-appropriate style. A wrap-around top is flattering and feminine, making you look professional yet not too overdressed for the home office. Pair it with flowy pants to maintain that professional vibe while still giving you room to stay comfortable with the elastic waist. 

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A dressy tunic to help you deal with a busy workday.

Do you see a super busy, super stressful day ahead of you in your home office? Grab a dressy tunic, which is fashion’s no-brainer. Always classy and comfortable to wear, it immediately elevates your look from casual to chic. You can get a lot of work done because you’re not feeling discomfort from the zips and buttons of your usual workwear. At the same time, you’ll look stylish and well-dressed enough to look presentable for impromptu work calls.  

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Exude smart casual realness in a practical jumpsuit.

It’s a top, it’s a pant, it’s an all-in-one look perfect for any occasion! What’s lovely about a jumpsuit is it straddles the fine line between casual and formal. It looks effortless enough without making you look like you’re in your sweats, but at the same time, you exude an air of formality that people can’t say you’re underdressed. That’s why it’s perfect for working from home – it’s dressy and casual all at once. 

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Be comfortably professional in a shirt dress.

A button-down shirt dress is a great spin on the classic dress shirt. It is tailored up top but loose at the bottom, which is why it works well for the home office. You look great from the shoulders up, as the crisp lines of the shirt make you look professional and camera ready for video calls. The loose fit below the waist gives you the freedom to move and makes you feel unencumbered as you go on the rest of your workday. But feel free to cinch it with a belt if you feel like it -- the beauty of a dress shirt is that it is quite flexible, too. 

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Feel cool under pressure in a cute mini dress.

Cute mini dresses like these are fabulous for a casual Friday at the workplace look, so why not wear it at your home office, too? The ¾ sleeves are soft and billowy, keeping you cool and refreshed no matter where you are. The short length, coupled with the elastic waist, are sure to feel nice and pleasant around your body. And, if you’re up to it, you can accessorize the wide neckline with a chunky necklace, making you feel pretty, good, and ready for the day ahead. 

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