Magic Show Booth Khush


Find out what went down when we joined the Magic Trade Show at Las Vegas!

At Khush Clothing, we aim to provide our customers with the fashion that channels carefree, bohemian-style fashion that’s both fun and functional as we believe that true style is achieved with unique pieces that every wearer can put their own spin on.

While we’ve been more pleased with how our pieces are received online by clients and buyers, we know that seeing these gorgeous items in real life reinforces the extraordinary quality and standout workmanship that can be better appreciated by experiencing this in person.

In light of this, we wanted to maximize the opportunity to connect with existing and potential buyers by joining the Magic Trade Show which was recently held in Las Vegas in the past month. As one of the biggest wholesale fashion trade shows in the United States, our team was confident that exploring this uncharted platform would not only strengthen our presence in the industry, but open opportunities for buyers and clients to discover the Khush Clothing difference.

 Entrance Khush

Image: The larger-than-life entryway display


Our participation at Magic could not have been a better fit, pun intended. Given that a lot of buyers attend trade shows to explore numerous brands, we knew that this can help bridge the gap to those who have yet to get to know Khush on a personal level in a national setting which worked out perfectly. 

Because our label takes pride in not being mass-produced and artisanal, these are exactly what buyers look for when they wish to source new pieces for their stores. What stood out to them most was our intricate executions of our tie-dye prints, which has undeniably become an all-time Khush favorite. New prints such as our Murky Midnight and Zanzibar Silver patterns were just a few that left a significant impression amongst spectators while the fresh Murky and Sunkissed Lavender plus Seafoam Green looked so vivid, that the guests at the booth could not help but feel the instant attraction.


Booth at Magic Show Vegas

Image: Double-checking our inventory as we prep to welcome guests with Erica from Dylan Star.


Booth at Magic Show is ready
Image: Our newest pieces from the Praia Collection on display


The ultimate payoff from joining Magic was the relationships we were able to cultivate by telling them the story behind Khush and how we wish to elevate the way people look at fashion. Whether it’s our brand identity, the choice of fabrics or the details that come with every garment, there’s nothing that can replace the experience of learning about a label at a level where you can see, feel, and touch it in person.

One of the best things that happened was seeing a client who coincidentally wore a Khush dress she bought at Beachside Hawaii, one of our biggest clients in Hawaii. She was so ecstatic to finally see our brand at the trade show and had nothing but good things to say, so much so that she decided to order a remarkable amount of pieces from us and carry our brand in her store. It’s encounters like these that make us know we’re doing something right.

 Meeting Customers from all over the US

Image: Connecting with customers and buyers from all over the US - Somer from Apricot Lane Boutique


With every new experience comes a brand-new journey to embark in. While this may be our first time at Magic, we already know that it won’t be our last. Because of how our brand and our apparel was received, it’s given us a fresh approach in bringing Khush to the world—not only did it give us an ideal and efficient way to reach people we’ve never had the opportunity to do so before, but Magic has given us a platform to show everyone that fashion can be fun, mindful, and stylish at the same time.