April is National Stress Awareness Month so it's fitting that we share some helpful tips for you to work around stress. Life can be complex with the number of things each of us has on our plates. It’s inevitable for us to feel overwhelmed at times, most especially when we’re tired, or if we’re going through another issue that affects our emotional well-being.  

Given that stress is and will always be a part of our life, here are just a few ways you can overcome it in the best and easiest way possible without having to spend too much or go out of your way to do so. 

Take Time To Meditate.

Set aside a few minutes in the morning to clear your mind and manifest your intentions for the day. Besides allowing you to tune into your feelings and emotions, meditating gives you the opportunity to align deeply with what lies beneath, while allowing you to acknowledge what you need to do for self-improvement.


Take it to the next level by journaling those intentions, as writing your thoughts down make your goals more tangible and real—giving you more reason to work towards your objectives and making your dreams happen.

Have A Social Media Hiatus

Take note: what you see on social media does not necessarily reflect real life. This is the primary reason why it’s healthy to disconnect and unplug when you can. While extended time spent on social media can have some serious effects on your mental well-being, it’s also healthy to separate yourself from your device to find a chance to appreciate things in real life.

Connect and Re-connect

connect with friends

When you’re stressed, you know that scheduling a girls' night out with your besties, or even just a lunch or coffee date with a friend you haven’t seen in a while should help give you a good distraction from your anxieties. Personal connections allow you to belt out a good laugh which sometimes is all you need to veer away from the challenges and look at life differently. 

Explore Unchartered Territories

Indulging in fresh experiences always brings a brand new perspective that you never thought you needed. Discovering a different culture, a cuisine you’ve never had the courage to sink your appetite into, or even a book in a genre you’ve never read allows you to move out of your comfort zone. New experiences give you a chance to open your heart and mind like never before.

Dress Nice


People oftentimes underestimate how dressing up can give such a high when you’re feeling down. Getting into the motions of slipping into a nice set of clothes and looking beautiful can have a significant effect on your mood while surely addressing any stress you might be going through. Level up your look with an equally amazing beauty routine and finish off your outfit with a bold red lip that may make you feel more confident than how you feel.

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Stress will always be a part of our lives. This is not necessarily a bad thing because difficulties allow us to expand our ability to empathize and our minds to grow. It’s up to us to be able to manage stress in the best way possible without losing ourselves in the process.