Huahine is a lush, thriving island situated in French Polynesia. Inside this hidden gem is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life, boasting only abundant flora and a serene ambiance—this is precisely what we wanted to convey with the Huahine Collection. Vibrant yet light and relaxed that make for graceful movement and ultimate comfort, much like the respite that the island of Huahine offers to everyone who steps foot in its confines.

Marrying these elements was a priority in our process and production of each piece. Feminine and flattering yet beautifully bohemian that allows the wearer to express themselves and feel their most confident.


The Pieces

Crafted in Bali with love and passion, our goal was to embody laid-back elegance and tropical allure in this collection—all the while letting each piece speak for itself in its own characteristic way, whether by way of silhouette, flow, or color and print.

Dresses were always at the top of the list, from tasteful minis to magical floor-grazing maxis that journey through a spectrum of shapes and styles that cater to and look impeccable on every figure—such as off-shoulder cuts, tiered skirting, empire waists, ruching, and a nostalgic touch with ‘90s-inspired plunging necklines and bias cuts. 

Green Dress with floral print and model sitting


“Movement” is a big keyword for this collection. More than flowy frocks, we wanted to encompass a free-spiritedness in other pieces, which meant non-restrictive silhouettes. Functional one-piece numbers like rompers and jumpsuits made perfect sense with the added convenience of pockets, while cozy shorts and side-split pants elongate the legs flawlessly and make for beautiful pairings to our breezy tops.

And it wouldn’t be in true Khush essence without attention to detail. Adornments like tie fronts, self-ties on skirts, beaded necklines, ruffles, lace, and tassels were just as important to give each piece a distinct touch and its own personality. 


The Palette 

The story of the Huahine Collection’s palette lies in our aim to pay homage to the enchanting landscape it’s influenced by, as well as immerse every wearer in the mood-lifting power of summer’s exuberant colors. 

Our palette draws inspiration from the kaleidoscope of hues found on Huahine's shores. Picture the golden glow of sun-kissed dandelions dancing in the gentle breeze, complemented by warm sand and deep, earthy tones of green reminiscent of the island's dense tropical forests. 

Dive into the crystalline waters that surround the environment, and you'll be greeted by the shimmering aquamarine hues that mirror the ever-changing colors of the sea.

As you wander through the island’s botanical gardens, you'll encounter the delicate petals of pink peonies in full bloom, which we incorporated into the collection to evoke a sense of soft femininity. Meanwhile, the mesmerizing depths of indigo evoke the endless expanse of the island's night sky, dotted with silver stars that twinkle like precious gems.



For those seeking a pop of boldness, we introduced new prints to spruce up our array of elemental shades. The Frangipani—an oversized floral print inspired by the tropical flower of the same name, The Blooming print, which consists of small, ditsy flowers for a softer pattern, and the Mamba print—our very own version of snakeskin. 

Together, these infuse your wardrobe with a dash of whimsy and breathe life with joyful pieces that stand out. Making a statement has never been this easy. 


The Feeling 

Two words: free spirit. That’s what we want every person who wears this collection to feel—to bring forth a sense of adventure, to enter a peaceful state of mind and move without worry, and most of all, feel the freedom and openness to express one’s individuality. Stroll along sandy shores, lounge in a hammock by the waves or dance under palm trees feeling your most confident. Take it back to the city to continue your summer affairs and fall in love with it again throughout the seasons.

The Huahine Collection celebrates the harmony between nature, culture, and style, inviting you to escape into a world of endless summer and timeless elegance. Check out all new pieces from our new collection here.