The lights are up, the carols are playing, and everyone is in a jolly mood––the Christmas spirit is undeniably in the air! The beauty of this magical season is that there’s a multitude of ways you can celebrate it. If you love a white Christmas and enjoy the winter wonderland, there are plenty of destinations for you. Same is true for anyone wishing to have a tropical blaze for the holidays. Whatever your style may be, there is surely a place for you to have the merriest celebration ever!

Tropical Bliss with Family

Swaying palm trees, the sound of waves crashing, a stretch of water that goes as far as the eye can see––this paradise is best shared with your family! Bond over fun activities in the daytime then savor the Christmas sea breeze at night, all while making new memories with the people dearest to you. With its overwater bungalows and picture-perfect sceneries, the Maldives is a great place for your family. 


Snowy Escapades with Friends

Why not try something more adventurous this year with your friends? Skiing and other winter sport activities are a great way to have a jolly good time with your inner circle. If you’re not a sporty-sport at heart, you can always make like silly little kids and have snowball fights! Pair all this with a steaming mug of cocoa and you’re all set. Try Aspen, Colorado for this kind of Christmas fun. 


Christmas For Two

Planning to have a romantic rendezvous this Christmas? An intimate celebration is great for newlyweds or for couples who simply want to be alone together during the Holidays. Whether you want to keep it simple or plan to finally splurge on that dream vacation, a Christmas spent with the love of your life is sure to be merry and bright. Travel to Santorini for an indulgent affair, or simply stay at home and share a nice bottle of red wine while watching a rerun of your favorite Christmas movie. 


Urban Festivities with Friends

Sometimes the families we keep are the people we meet later in life––our best friends. If you have a big group of friends, the dazzling lights of a bustling city you call home is the perfect backdrop for the holiday season. Head to New York City and immerse yourselves in the festivities and magical Christmas atmosphere of all the lights, sounds, and merry decorations. 


Cozy Cabin with Family

Give your family a classic Christmas with a storybook-like setting and rent a cozy cabin. Imagine being surrounded by snow-covered landscapes, a Christmas village, and even reindeer safaris. This will be a Christmas the young ones will never forget. Head over to Lapland, Finland and spend a Christmas under the Northern Lights.

Where you choose to spend Christmas is not the main thing. What’s important is you spend it with the people you love and who love you back. Pack your bags, spread the joy, and let the holiday adventure begin!


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