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Photo by Sarah Pflug via Burst 

So you’ve started to draft all your travel goals again this year (and the next). From the itinerary to outfit ideas, everything is set—all that’s left to do is book a ticket. A few things: Are you traveling with your family or exploring on your own? Whatever it is, there’s a city or country that’s made for every tourist. 

Here, we rounded up some of our favorite places that are tailored to every traveler, along with outfit ideas so that you can fly in style.


The Solo Flyer

 kyoto japan

Photo by Taylin Wilson via Burst  - Place to visit: Kyoto, Japan

Famous for its historic temples and serene urban landscape, Kyoto is the ideal city to explore for solo travelers. You won’t have any trouble finding the best spots to dine and spend your leisurely alone time in. Make sure to dress up in something refined yet comfortable as you’ll be spending most of your time walking, trekking, and hiking.


The Culturally Savvy

 off the shoulder astra midi dress red

Place to visit:  Seville, Spain

Seville is a breathtaking city known for its cozy plazas, stunning Mudéjar architecture, and flamenco dancing. It’s a place where every landmark holds a rich historical background, making it a must-see destination for culture seekers.

If you’re going for an evening stroll with your special someone, wearing something red and flowy will get you in the mood for romance (and maybe some flamenco dancing!).



The Holiday makers

nusa lembongan

Place to visit: Bali, Indonesia

Looking for a resort holiday destination? Look no further than the gorgeous island of Bali. It’s on everybody’s travel bucket list for a reason. Think crystal-clear beaches, exotic cuisine, and the Balinese culture itself.

Bali is the perfect backdrop for tropical-inspired ensembles. Take a cue from our vacay collection, which includes tie-dye dresses, breezy jumpsuits, and comfy tunics.



The Luxury Travelers

 paris france

Photo by Denis Varyanitsa via BurstPlace to visit: Paris, France

Paris remains one of the most luxurious travel destinations in the world to date. World-class museums, designer boutiques, traditional Parisian cafes… the list goes on and on. It’s the pinnacle of fashion and culture, making it the city for sartorial aficionados.

Our style tip when you visit? Don’t commit a fashion faux pas like wearing a beret wherever you go. Instead, dress like the locals do—in relaxed cuts, soft silhouettes, and minimal jewelry.



The Foodie

mexican tacos 

Photo by Jessica Devnani via Burst - Place to visit: Guadalajara, Mexico

Known for tequila and mariachi music, Guadalajara is the idyllic place for those looking to try something new. Make sure to sample their traditional dishes and experience the city through food. As for outfit ideas, the more colorful, the better! Opt for vibrant hues like yellow, fuchsia, or turquoise, colors that capture the lively energy of the city.

Our travel bucket list may have taken a backseat in 2020, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue dreaming about our favorite destinations (local or international). We can’t wait for our world to open again and allow us to explore the beautiful, undiscovered places it has to offer. No matter what happens, nothing can’t stop our wanderlust from growing.