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Diamond rings are great, but flower crowns are pretty cool too. 

People define the term bohemian or boho in a variety of ways. Some would immediately think hippies or gypsies are those who over-accessorize and walk around, giving peace signs to anyone they meet. Others go straight to music festivals, like Coachella queen Vanessa Hudgens and her always on-point boho looks. Bohemian style never really goes out of trend; we continue to adapt its influence in our lifestyle.

First emerging in the late 60s, the “Summer of Love” was a celebration of youth and self-expression, which paved the way for the boho movement. Fast-forward to the 2000s, we see celebrities and fashion icons like Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, and the Olsen twins giving popularity to the style we now call boho chic

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Part bohemian, part chic 

The boho chic aesthetic masters the art of hippie gone urban and gives off that effortlessly put-together vibe. Its signature look combines retro elements and folk-inspired style with a modern twist. Commonly seen in outfits from people you meet down the street, this fashion style reaches all the way up to Hollywood celebrities and even runway shows. Flowing silhouette, nature prints, and fringe accents graced the 2020 S/S catwalk, elevating the bohemian style from casual to couture. 

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One may say that boho chic is not as prevalent as it was a decade ago, but this shows how the style evolved over the years and has influenced a lot of new fashion trends that we see today.

Here’s a rundown of bohemian-inspired pieces and how to incorporate boho chic into your wardrobe:

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Elevate your weekend off-duty look with a playful printed kimono to add a fun boho flair to your ensemble. Kimono Mallorca

For days when you don’t have anything to wear, Khush's Vayu jumpsuit is a no-brainer. Just accessorize with some oversized sunnies and chunky jewelry for that casual yet put-together retro look for that modern boho chic style. 

Amare, Khush's printed midi-skirt with ruffled hem style is such a versatile boho-inspired piece that you can dress up or down with little to no effort at all. The playful slit adds a modern and sexy flair to the overall outfit.



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