Every little help goes a long way, especially in trying times—here’s how you can make a difference.

By now, it’s no longer news that Maui suffered terrible wildfires last August, which has resulted in a heartbreaking sight of grief and loss. If you haven’t heard more details, this may help bring you up to speed.


How It Started

Following the devastating wildfires that enveloped the Hawaiian island of Maui last August 8, 2023, allegedly caused by sparks from mismanaged power lines at Hawaii’s largest electric utility, Hawaiian Electric, which they acknowledged late August. Worsened by the winds from Hurricane Dora, Lahaina was the most affected, with an estimated 2,170 acres burned and at least 115 perished. While the number of missing persons dropped to 66, families remain displaced, and many have lost their homes and businesses have suffered. USA Today reports this catastrophe as the deadliest wildfire to hit the U.S. in over a century.


How It’s Going

While state officials have initially told people to refrain from going to Hawaii for vacations until the effects of wildfires die, the Associated Press reported that they plan to lift travel restrictions starting October 8. West Maui will start welcoming tourists again to stave off economic disaster and for the island to begin functioning as normally as it can given the circumstances.

Hawaiian surfing legend Archie Kalepa leads efforts to send supplies to the wildfire-stricken city of Lahaina (photo courtesy of The Los Angeles Times)

Besides the urgent call of Hawaiian authorities for aid, many celebrities have been lending a hand. Oprah Winfrey, who owns property in Maui, has not only been offering her assistance by visiting shelters but she and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have also partnered together to bring relief and aid by launching their philanthropic efforts, the People’s Fund of Maui, which was established to get relief money directly to the people who need it. Part of their announcement declared that “every adult resident (18 and over) who lives in the affected area and was displaced by the wildfires in Lahaine and Kula is eligible to receive $1,200 per month to help through this period of recovery,” both Winfrey and Johnson started with a $10 Million donation to the fund.

Many people all over the world have been spreading the word to give Lahaina and Maui some much-needed assistance:


Kelly Slater | Instagram @kellyslater

Kelly Slater Donation Maui


Bretman Rock | Instagram @bretmanrock

Influencer and Hawaii resident Bretman Rock raised funds for Lahaina by seeking US$1M and was able to help get almost US$3M, all from posting on his Instagram Account.

Even if reconstruction is estimated to take years and cost large sums of money, consistent push for awareness from celebrities and other influential personalities will not only help them financially but also encourage them to stay hopeful.

Since Khush Clothing has always sought inspiration from the fantastic landscapes of Hawaii, we wish to join in with the world in doing what we can to help continue getting the word out so more people can donate, volunteer, and assist in however way they wish to help so Maui can get back on their feet soon.

Bretman Rock Instagram


How you can help!

If you wish to see where you can be a part of their healing, here are some other organizations that the New York Times has shared that you can look into.


For Monetary Donations

Hawai’i Community Foundation

Maui United Way

Disaster Relief

The American Red Cross

Food, Toiletries, and Household Items

Maui Food Bank


Let’s all show some love to Hawaii, Maui, and everyone in Lahaina who has been terribly affected by this unforeseen and tragic event. Together, we can give back what was unfairly taken away from them through hope, kindness, and generosity.

Mahalo, Hawaii—sending love, light, and prayers your way.