Just in time for the launch of the Alchemy Collection we sat down with our Founder and Creative Designer Pati Tombini to speak about the inspiration behind the new line, the creative process and why this collection is also the starting point of a new journey for Pati.


To jump right in: What was the inspiration behind this new collection?

Pati: This new collection is very special to me, since it was developed during the beginning of a new journey in Bali. In terms of silhouettes, my inspiration was based on Bali's lifestyle and its ethnic-inspired beach life, mixed with a retro/vintage hint that is the 70s come back…a real joy playing with our new prints.


Why did you decide to name it Alchemy? Is there a particular story behind it?

Pati: Well, the name Alchemy came from a transformation the world is going through. We are transmuting to a new cycle, new consciousness. The name truly fits perfectly to our line.


 Pati Tombini Quote


The collection features a lot of fluorescent colors this time around. Why did you decide to incorporate these in this particular offering?

Pati: The vintage and retro mood really inspired me, where the colors hooked me to a nostalgic power era, reminding me of a positive experience when I was younger. And I believe we achieved the goal, making our customer feel happy, secure and feminine.


We noticed that you decided to incorporate satin pieces which are more of a nighttime choice. What made you decide to work with this for Alchemy?

Pati: I am very happy with the satin pieces! Incorporating some dressed up, evening dresses to the line has been a plan for a while. And the transmuting process we are going through just felt like adding some shine and elegant pieces to the collection. My goals was to simply add more confidence after such a fragile time during the past couple years. It’s time to treat our souls with love and make our Khush lovers feel special. The satin pieces are exciting and it feels it’s outstanding in the line with elegance. I'm excited to see the results. The flowing skirt and top outfits also featured a gorgeous touch to the line.


What is/are your favorite piece/s from the collection? How do you imagine these being worn?

Pati: Humm, I really don’t have one specific favorite, but I have a few items that fall to my favorite group of pieces:

  • Heidi midi dress since I am a chemise lover, and that combining with the flowy skirt bottom part, came out gorgeous! 
  • Yuna midi dress for the flowing and gracious silhouette. It really fits everyone right.
  • Sapphire dress, a simple and elegant short slip dress, love it!
  • Kimonos, both short and long one are a must have on my closet.
  • Verona top/Sakura skirt outfit stands out and fits all from morning to evening occasions.
  • Last is our gorgeous satin Roxie dress to glow in a special night out!


What do you think new Khush customers will discover about your brand with Alchemy? What will your loyal customers love even more about Khush with this particular offering?

Pati: Our challenge is to have all our collections characterized by comfort and beauty. A piece that makes you feel confident and passionate. With The Alchemy Collection, we reached our goal launching the right pieces, combining to a perfect color pallete and emphasizing the cool retro vibe we got the inspiration from.