When it comes to fashion, it’s easy to dress how you feel or even show off your personality depending on the silhouettes you decide to wear for the day. But in the realm of prints, there’s a whole other side that represents who you are when it comes to your chosen pattern—from the classics to the more unique, find the one that appeals to you, and style it the way that makes it exciting.

So scroll down to discover your print-sonality, and what it means, and have a little more fun with your go-to pieces.

1. Fine Florals

Florals always relate to being feminine, but these discreet versions give a more subtle take towards channeling your girly side. You like to keep it relaxed and casual but still enjoy adding a hint of romance to your look without going all-out.

These are best when you want to downplay the first date while still making an impression in every single way.


Arya Dress Floral Print

The Arya Dreamy Midi Dress is a the perfect date-night-ready dress.


2. Bold Blooms

What comes with smaller-scale floral prints means you can go the other way with an aggressive and bold choice regarding this classic pattern. Reminiscent of identifiable blooms like Marimekko, you’re more adventurous when exploring your femininity—where it’s not merely an identity but a passion above anything else.

For days when you wish to make a statement, this is a pick you shouldn’t pass up on.

Floral Print Dress

The Quinn Mini Dress shows off your strong but feminine side with its bold floral print.


3. Tie-Dye Chic

As someone who loves to think out of the box and finds yourself going the off-beaten path, tie-dye prints are a print that speaks to you. A print that imbibes that free-spirited bohemian charm, you steer away from tradition and lean towards unique and unconventional choices.

You like to stand out from the crowd and aren’t akin to following trends—you’re one to take these trends and make them your own.

To you, there’s no strict rules when it comes to personal style—the Nicola Boho Mini Dress punctuates your penchant for free-spirited fashion.

 Dress Print Nicola



4. Geometric Glam

If you’re a modern individual who loves a fun spin to classic prints, then these geometric-style patterns are something that appeals to you. You like challenging the norm and breaking boundaries while staying practical and conservative. You don’t take things seriously and enjoy adding a playful twist to your ensembles. A striking pattern is a way to show the world that you’re far from boring and you’re up for a good time.
You’re a calculated risk-taker who finds comfort in symmetry and balance, which translates into how you style yourself—part modest and part risqué.

The Roxanne Bell Sleeve Maxi Dress strikes a balance between unique and timeless.


5. Animal Print

If you’re unafraid to put your ‘wild side’ in the spotlight and brave enough to bring your strong and spirited nature front and center, then animal prints are for you. It is on-point for when you want to change things up, especially for those with an affinity towards tried-and-tested neutrals and monochrome outfits. 


While many may find this a brave pattern choice, animal-print pieces have become quite the staple in most capsule wardrobes and are considered neutral.

From leopard or zebra prints to snakeskin patterns, there’s a strong selection available that can easily make their way into any list of style staples.

 print dress white

Go subtle with animal prints in the Opal Jumpsuit in our new Viper White pattern.


With all the excitement that has gotten into discovering the perfect print to match every mood and personality, trust that you can find a chic selection from our new arrivals.

See for yourself and shop our fantastic selection of prints to suit your mood and style HERE.